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COVID-19 precautions in the studio


Before I get started, here is a huge virtual hug for you all. What a crazy 3 months we have all had during this pandemic. I hope you are all well and keeping safe. COVID-19 has definitely presented us with a lot of challenges over the past few months and for me closing my business was definitely on the top of my list. It was such a sad day for me, especially knowing that I had some beautiful bubbas on the way but it was just one of the sacrifices we have all had to make to ensure we flattened that curve.

Thankfully my studio has now been able to reopen according to the new Australian government guidelines, however it’s not operating the same. The safety and well being of my clients is at the top of my priorities in the studio so I have been working very hard to implement new added precautions to ensure everyones safety including my own family. Below is a list of new and old precautions that I will be implanting in the studio to help stop the spread.

Everybody who enters the studio is expected to practise healthy physical distancing. I now have an area in the studio that is for clients to stay in as much as possible and I will stick to my area as much I can also. 
During Newborn sessions, only mum and baby are allowed in the studio during the whole session. Siblings and Dad must leave immediately after their photos have been completed. This is to ensure that there are limited people in the same space. 
At this stage, I can only have families of 5 in the studio due to the 1 person per square metre rule in my small space. I am more than happy to offer outdoor sessions for larger families.

Good hygiene is the number one killer for COVID-19.
All clients MUST disinfect their hands upon entry and when leaving the studio with provided W.H.O recommended sanitiser.
All clients MUST remove their shoes before entering the studio. All shoes need to be placed in the basket inside the door. This will be disinfected after you leave.
Hand washing is essential after you cough, sneeze, or wipe children’s noses etc. Hand washing instructions have been added to the bathroom.
A paper towel dispenser has now been installed to avoid any contact in the bathroom.
If myself OR any member of my family are not well prior to your session, I will cancel your session and reschedule it as soon as I can. If you OR anyone in your family are unwell (even with just the slightest sniffle), or have been in contact with anyone who is unwell, please let me know asap so we can reschedule your session.
If I notice during your session that yourself or someone in your family is unwell, I will ask you to leave and will reschedule your session.
I will be wearing a mask during your session and am happy to provide you with one if you are more comfortable using one. Please talk to your kids about this so they are not too shocked when they walk in!!!
An air purifier has now been purchased which will remain permanently in the studio and one window will be left open for air flow.

To be completely honest, due to my OCD ways with cleaning not a lot will be changing apart from the additional cleaning on high contact areas, such as doors, door handles, taps etc. I currently clean the studio prior to all of my sessions. The studio is also cleaned after your session.
All props, backdrops, camera gear etc are disinfected after each use.
There are now limited props in the studio and they are only to be handled by myself if being used.
All hair ties are are organically sanitised after each use.
Due to the added cleaning and to ensure limited spread of any viruses, I will be spacing out your sessions as much as I can. Ideally one session per 7-10 days. If you are wanting to book in, it is essential that you get in contact with me asap to avoid disappointment. I will not be squeezing in any sessions.

During this pandemic, I will be monitoring the advice from the World Health organisation (W.H.O) and closely following the Australian government guidelines. If anything is to change, I will let you know as soon as I can.
Thanks again to everyone who has been so patient with me as I work my way through all the new precautions in the studio. 

Please stay safe, Erin xx

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